'Sasha' Yogo Sapphire Ring


  • 14k yellow gold ring featuring a 0.26 carat oval Yogo sapphire
  • This center Yogo shows some color shift properties from the rare purple yogo hue to the more common “cornflower blue”. The direction of viewing the stone as well as light source will determine the most prevalent hue seen. 
  • 0.03 ctw round accent diamonds in gallery
  • Euro shank style ring. A ring with a Euro shank contains a flat or squarish bottom. This square bottom is only on the outer edge of the ring, as the inner circle remains perfectly round, making it feel almost exactly like a regular ring. The Euro shank gives any ring a modern, avant-garde look. It’s a new twist to the traditional round ring style. However, when you wear the ring, you won’t notice a big difference from other rings as the square bottom of the ring will be underneath your finger.
  • Top width approximately 5.95 mm
  • Band width 1.9 mm