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      As an award-winning designer, Katelynne specializes in dreaming up modern, fresh, invigorating and breathtaking designs, whether a full custom design, or a re-design using clients’ own stone(s).  She believes that every custom design should be as unique as the wearer!  When re-designing using a client’s own stone(s), she understands the importance of the story behind those gems and works to honor that past while designing for the current wearer.  

      The custom design journey begins with an appointment with Katelynne; she works in-person and also long-distance through FaceTime, phone call, or email. Together, a design direction will be determined and then she starts sketching!

      Get in touch to start your custom design journey! 

      Completed Custom Designs:

      All of Katelynne's custom designs begin with her sketching the design by hand 

      A completed custom designed engagement ring

      Sketch of a custom design

      Completed custom designed ring

      Custom design utilizing the client's own diamonds

      Katelynne accommodated this client's specific request: easy removal for arthritic knuckles

      Custom design sketch: two rings in one

      Completed custom designed ring

      Custom ring featuring client’s own amethyst. The amethyst was recut before setting into the new ring.

      Custom design using clients own original center diamond from engagement ring. Client’s cattle brand is subtly worked into the design (69)

      Custom diamond engagement ring with meteorite and fossilized wood

      Custom pendant made for a widow using her late husband’s wedding band as a frame and nestling a heart made from her ring inside