Jewelry Repair

At Sugar Plum Fine Jewelry, we understand that your precious jewelry pieces may encounter damages or require intricate repairs over time. Whether your jewelry was purchased from SPFJ or not, we are happy to take care of your repair needs! Our skilled in-house goldsmith, Jayson Eslick, can expertly handle a wide range of repair services to ensure your jewelry looks as good as new.


Some of Our Services:

1. Sizing & Shanks - Whether you need to resize your ring or repair a worn-out shank, we can handle it with precision. Our team uses a state-of-the-art laser welder. Laser technology ensures the strongest, safest repair for your treasured pieces. 

2. Tips & Prong Repair- Our expert goldsmith can fix loose stones and repair damaged prongs to secure your gemstones. 

3. New Clasps- If your necklace or bracelet clasp is broken or needs an upgrade, we can install a new one for you.

 4. Earring Back Conversions- Convert you earrings to a more secure or comfortable backing style.

5. New Heads & Bezels- We can replace worn-out or damaged heads and bezels to restore the beauty of your jewelry piece. 

6. Engraving- Add a personal touch to your jewelry pieces with our professional engraving services 

7. Setting & Replacing Stones- Our goldsmith can set new stones or replace missing ones to bring back the sparkle to your jewelry.


8. Soldering/Welding- If your jewelry has broken or weak links, we can weld them back together for a durable repair.

9. Watch Repair & Batteries- From changing watch batteries to repairing your timepiece, our experts have got you covered.

 10. General Repairs & Jump Rings- We can handle various repairs, including fixing jump rings and general maintenance. 


Our most popular services include: 

1. Sizing- the cost of sizing depends on factors such as the metal type, the number of stones in the ring, and the desired size adjustment. 

2. Back to Factory Specs- This comprehensive service includes cleaning, polishing, checking, tightening all stones, and a rhodium plating for white gold. The cost for white gold is $149.00, while yellow it is $118.00.

3. Stone Replacement & Upgrades - We can help you find the perfect replacement stones or upgrade your existing ones to enhance the beauty of your jewelry. 




For watch repairs, we offer the following services (some excluded):

1. Watch Batteries - Screw Back $28.00

2. Watch Batteries - Snap back $18.00

3. Watch Band Shortening- $12.00 per link


Please note that the prices mentioned above are estimates, and actual quotes may vary based on the specific requirements of your jewelry piece.

At our store we prioritize the quality or our repairs and strive to provide exceptional service to our customers. Trust us to take care of your jewelry repairs needs with utmost car and expertise. 

Please call 406-377-5788 for any questions. 

In order to properly quote the repairs necessary, the jewelry will need to be looked at in-house. 

 Our team uses a  state-of-the-art laser welder. Laser technology ensures the strongest, safest repair for your treasured pieces.