To schedule a consultation appointment with award winning designer Katelynne Eslick, book an appointment here. Design consultations are 30 minute appointments and are free of charge. To make the most of your appointment, please bring any heirloom jewelry with you if you plan to use it for a redesign, consider what budget you are comfortable with, and make note of any deadlines for completion. 

We have appointments available Tuesday - Saturday during business hours.

During your consultation, you will meet one on one with designer Katelynne Eslick either in person or over a video meeting. We'll start by looking at any heirloom jewelry or loose stones you may have brought with you if you intend to use them in your custom design. Whether you are wanting an entirely brand new custom piece or repurposing jewelry, we'll discuss who the jewelry is for and any design ideas you want incorporated into your final piece. 

You do not have to bring anything to this initial consultation in addition to heirloom jewelry if applicable. Inspiration photos are helpful but not essential. Don't feel pressured to arrive knowing exactly what you want designed. Most people get a better idea of what they want when they learn more about different stones, durability of different metals, and popular styles. 

By the end of the meeting, we'll have a solid idea of a creative direction for your design and budget. If you'd like to move forward, we ask that you put down a $250 deposit that will go towards the final cost of your custom jewelry.

Katelynne will bring all of your inspiration and ideas to life by hand through a one-of-a-kind sketch. You will receive several variations of the design to look over, and through feedback and revisions this step will continue until you see exactly what you have envisioned for your final custom piece. 

We want you to love your custom jewelry, so honest feedback is crucial to get you the revisions of your sketch that best represents what you have in mind for your final piece. 

Once you have approved of the final design sketch, we engineer your design into a 3D CAD model to create a casting of your jewelry. Stones are hand set and your jewelry gets a final polish for a perfect finish.

Once your jewelry is complete, it is available for in-store pickup or is mailed to long distance clients. Along with your custom jewelry, you will receive all the documentation necessary to obtain jewelry insurance. 

For brides, clients receive our curated "Bride Box" that includes our signature jewelry cleaner, gift certificates, and a wedding day emergency kit.



How do I get started?

If this is a redesign, gather the items you'll want to incorporate. Schedule a free design consultation, where you'll talk to Kate about your personal style, goals for the new jewelry item, and budget. 

If you are adding new main Diamonds or colored stones to your new jewelry item, you will have a stone consultation (if needed).

I have a pile of old jewelry, what can I do with it?

We can use your old pieces to create something new! It’s ok to use stones from several pieces to create one new piece, or a suite of new pieces!

From consultation to a completed final product, how long does the process take?

Typically, about 10-12 weeks. This can be longer leading up to busier times of the year (like Christmas) so it’s smart to get started early if you have a need-by date.

Do you schedule remote design consultations?

Absolutely! We utilize Zoom, or FaceTime for customers who have an Apple device.

Do you provide a warranty on custom designs?

All jewelry is covered by a 1-year workmanship guarantee; however, as with all fine jewelry we strongly suggest either our lifetime care plan which can be purchased along with the jewelry, or a separate insurance policy. We provide all documentation necessary to obtain a comprehensive jewelry policy.

I inherited a piece of jewelry from a relative but it's really not my style. Can I just use some of the stones to create something that fits my style?

Yes! We believe part of honoring the gift is wearing and enjoying it! If the style of the jewelry doesn’t match your personal style, we can help make those precious pieces into something you love and cherish!

Can I change the diamond(s) in my current engagement ring?

In many cases, yes! We can upgrade your center diamond without changing your ring overall. We suggest making a pendant with your original diamond, to wear it close to your heart!

I have several pieces of gold jewelry that I don't wear. Can we use that gold to create a custom design?

Yes, the gold you provide is weighed and a monetary discount is applied to the cost of your new jewelry item

How much does it cost to create a custom piece of jewelry? Can you work with my budget?

For most redesigns, using your own stones, a minimum budget of $2500 should be considered.

When do I pay for my jewelry? Do you offer a payment plan?

Typically, we require 50% payment after a design is approved and before moving to production; the balance is due at completion of the new jewelry item.

For clients who would like to consider longer-term payment plans, we do offer up to 36 months financing (on approved credit) though our financing partner, Synchrony Luxury.