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      Katelynne Eslick

      Owner, Designer, GIA Diamonds Graduate, GIA Colored Stones Graduate

      Katelynne grew up in small-town Montana, and as the daughter and granddaughter of jewelers spent much of her childhood immersed in the world of diamonds and jewelry. She sold her first diamond at her parent's jewelry store at age three, and that passion never stopped.

      As a third generation jeweler, she believes that jewelry tells a story, and is meant to be passed down through generations. She keeps this idea at the forefront of each of her Legacy designs, whether the design is utilizing heirloom diamonds and stones, or is a brand-new piece starting its own story. Katelynne's award winning designs are loved for their uniqueness, attention to detail, and matching the wearers style. Katelynne is currently pursuing her Graduate Gemologist degree through GIA. 

      In her free time she enjoys her children, reading suspense novels, a good glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, and has finally learned how to keep houseplants alive! 

      Jayson Eslick

      Owner & Jewelry Repair Specialist 

      Jayson was a law enforcement officer for several years before changing career paths and entering the jewelry business alongside his wife, Katelynne, in 2017. Apprenticing under Kate's father, Jamie Sharples (who brings nearly 40 years of experience in jewelry repair), Jayson has become an expert in the art. He specializes in state-of-the-art laser jewelry repair. Jayson enjoys watching football and baseball, traveling, cooking, and a good cold beer. 

      Talia Sharples

      Head of Sales, GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional 

      Talia graduated from Dawson Community College in 2020 with Associates Degrees in business and science. She joined the Sugar Plum team in 2019, and is currently working towards completing her GIA Graduate Diamonds degree. 

      Talia is Katelynne's sister and joins as a third generation of the family in the jewelry industry. She enjoys rock collecting near the Yellowstone river, outdoor adventuring, and gardening. 

      Jamie Sharples

       Jamie began his career in the jewelry industry in 1979 when he apprenticed to an "old school" Dutch goldsmith to learn the trade. In 1981 he returned to Chinook, Montana and joined his parents in the family business.

      Pursuing further education, he received the following diplomas:

      1991 GIA Diamonds Diploma

      1993 Pearl Seminar

      1993 GIA Enhanced Gemstones Seminar

      1997 GIA Graduate Colored Stones Diploma

      1997 GIA Graduate Gemologist

      2009 ISG [International School of Gemology] Identification of Synthetic Gemstones

      2009 ISG Jewelry Insurance Appraisal 

      2009 ISG Introduction to Watches

      2009 ISG Evaluating Damaged Jewelry

      2009 ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser Diploma [RGA]

      In 1984 Jamie married Cynthia Malley and they purchased Sharples Jewelry from Frank and Gwen Sharples. In 1994 Jamie, along with a Belgian partner, formed a national buyers group to buy diamonds in the world market in Antwerp, Belgium. In 2009 he retired from that business and is presently assisting his daughter Katelynne at Sugar Plum Fine Jewelry.